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Northern Aegean Sea Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (NAS-HYCOM)

Buoyancy-driven flows

Process oriented simulations in idealized conditions have taken place, in order to examine the influence of river inputs on shelf circulation and their relative contribution on salinity distributions under buoyant forcing due to the Daradanelles outflow. The low salinity waters from both lateral buoyancy sources are rich in nutrients and have a major effect on ecosystem dynamics.


Buoyancy-driven flows


Sea surface salinity distribution snapshots from a perpetual forcing year simulation. The contribution of river inputs on buoyancy-driven flows is of primary importance on the shallow shelf areas and near the river discharge sites. In the Northwestern Aegean shelf, rivers dominate the salinity distributions and a coastal buoyant current along the entire western shelf is primarily due to river discharge. On the Northeastern and Northern Aegean shelf areas, contribution of the Dardanelles plume can often overwhelm the local river inputs.


Depending on the overall North Aegean stratification and the outflow variability, waters of Black sea origin can intrude in the Northwestern Aegean shelf, modifying salinity beyond areas of river influence.


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