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Northern Aegean Sea Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (NAS-HYCOM)

Parameterization of the Dardanelles outflow


Different parameterizations of the buoyant outflow through Dardanelles Strait are being examined:

 simulation of the outflow as a “river” input

 using outflow measurements from buoys and hydrographic surveys (currently in progress)

 coupling the NAEG-Hycom model with a model of the Turkish Straits System (under development)


Parameterization of the Dardanelles outflow



Surface velocity fields from an idealized experiment in 4 different time points, after an 1 month, a 45 days, a half a year and a 277 days run. The only forcing input in this experiment is the BSW outflow which is simulated as a “river” input, with an open boundary on the south. Several process oriented and sensitivity experiments were executed in order to examine the “river” input layer thickness, the number and position of input “river” cells and the effects on the development and evolution of the Dardanelles plume.

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